“subtle energy” with Kaley Lane Eaton & Strange Interlude

Hello Wonderful Listeners and Fellow Creators!

Strange Interlude (harp & cello) recently arrived at our new home in Los Angeles, CA and we have been having an incredible time performing, rehearsing, and meeting with so many incredible colleagues. We are SO EXCITED to be in this beautiful (sunny) location and to kick things off we joined forces with the inimitable composer Kaley Lane Eaton who we commissioned to write a new piece for cello and harp. “subtle energy” is the result of that project and we couldn’t be happier with the gorgeous piece of music Kaley created for us. We spent the first few weeks of July intensively rehearsing the piece and capped things off with a Groupmuse concert and a performance at ArtShare L.A.

We have a video of the premiere performance of “subtle energy” at ArtShare L.A. – enjoy!

For those of you who couldn’t join us in person do not despair! We have a studio recording made at the awesome AfterOurs Studios in Newhall – available to stream for free and download for purchase: “subtle energy”

Any Bandcamp proceeds from purchases of music made via this link (and all Bandcamp purchases site-wide) on Friday, August 4th will go to the Transgender Law Center, who support and protect trans rights on multiple fronts.

Here are some photos from the weeks leading up to the performance – check our Facebook and Instagram for even more footage:

19693609_866588737542_13576161446221215_o.jpg Intensively rehearsing in Ventura, CA – clearly this project was no fun at all!

20248480_838325446996_9105841883202916039_o Strange Interlude and composer Kaley Lane Eaton SO EXCITED to premiere “subtle energy”  at ArtShare L.A.

19983945_868193002582_1827971719299358046_o.jpg Photo from our recording session at AfterOurs Studio in Newhall, CA. What makes recording even more fun than usual??? PUPPIES EVERYWHERE!!!

We’ll be reaching out soon with news about our next project and an update on our album from The Meetinghouse Sessions. In the meantime – HAPPY LISTENING!


Lily & Simon
harp| cello

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