Lone Tree Music

Strange Interlude ArtShareV1B-01

Strange Interlude recently spent several weeks rehearsing, recording and performing in collaboration with the insanely talented composer Daniel Lemer.
Daniel wrote us a piece for harp and cello inspired by his work with the gamelan ensemble at CalArts. Although Lone Tree Music does not pretend in any way to be an expression of traditional gamelan, it fuses some fascinating elements of a variety of musical traditions while also expressing Daniel’s unique compositional gift.
We figured for the most part we’ll let the music speak for itself so we spent some intense and awesome time recording the work in The Wild Beast on the CalArts campus. Check out the results of that session on our Lone Tree Music album.
We’ve also been performing Lone Tree Music all over Los Angeles – from a series of delightful house concerts with Groupmuse to Stan’s Music Parlor and at our favorite Arts District spot, ArtShare LA.
While we’d love to give each and every one of you a private performance, we’ve made the recording available to stream and download so that you can bring Lone Tree Music with you wherever you go – Happy Listening!

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