Vive la fantaisie / Ceci n’est pas une fantaisie

 Strange Interlude and DieDieMaoMao present…

Vive la fantaisie / Ceci n’est pas une fantaisie
(Long live the fantasy / This is not a fantasy)

A few months ago, Strange Interlude woke up fairly early in the morning (for performers anyway) and made our way to one of our favorite Los Angeles venues, ArtShare L.A.
There the inimitable filmmaker Nick Toti and colleague Matt Latham had begun setting up an intricate series of lights, cameras and a bunch of other mysterious cables that help make movie magic happen. As we unpacked the instruments and began tuning up, we were joined by movement artist Lucienne Aeon whose creative gifts are myriad and beautifully portrayed in the final project. 

The end result of this wonderfully weird collaboration took our breath away and we are so grateful to be part of this group of inspiring creatives and to have the opportunity to share the finished product with you all. View Nick’s video and become part of the fantasy. 

Please share the video link with any and all who you feel would enjoy it – we’re so grateful to have been part of this art-making experience and are already looking forward to our next collaboration!
Vive la fantaisie!

Strange Interlude
Lily Press & Simon Linn-Gerstein
harp | cello

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